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Primo Payday is the fully integrated payroll solution for Business Central.  Written in AL, users can streamline payroll posting, capture critical accounting entry details and leverage dimensions. 

Increase efficiency and financial analytics with this fully integrated payroll solution.

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Are you tired of utilizing payroll solutions that are not fully integrated with your accounting system? 

Processing payroll is a critical component of running a business, but many companies utilize solutions that are not directly tied to their accounting system. This leads to dual entry of data or the use of balance transfer tools which limits the accounting detail available for analysis. 

The Primo Payday app allows you to run payroll within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. This delivers improved efficiency by automatically posting payroll to your GL and increases financial insight by giving you access to the accounting detail you need to properly analyze employee related costs. 

The Primo Payday App delivers: 

  • Automated State and Federal Tax Table Updates 

  • Automated Canadian Tax Table Updates 

  • Setup Wizards 

  • Automatic Posting to the GL 

  • Batch Payroll Processing 

  • Direct Deposit 

  • W2, W3, 940 and 941 Reports 

  • T4 Reports 

  • Configurable Report Layouts 

  • Labor Costing 

  • Jobs Costing 

  • Employee Benefits Tracking 

  • Employee Qualifications / Certifications Tracking 

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Integrated payroll for Business Central
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