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Torrential Data Solutions offers its patented Datahaven 365 document management solutions to enable organizations of all sizes complexity to maximize ROI by saving time, reducing errors and manual data entry, and enhancing and accelerating document and transaction visibility across departments and applications.

Our solution options range from basic document and email archiving to advanced AP & sales automation—not to mention field service, human resources, inventory, lot tracking, manufacturing, projects, warehousing, and more.

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Datahaven 365 is an interconnected network of solutions embedded throughout the Microsoft business applications ecosystem, including: 

  • Business Central 
  • Customer Engagement 
  • Finance & Operations  
  • Outlook 
  • Power Platform 
  • Teams 

Redefine your customer’s paperless experience with Datahaven 365.

Datahaven 365 offers everything your Clients need to go paperless with Business Central. Has the pandemic got your customers running in circles trying to find documents and emails they need to do their job? Is the lack of consistency in storing and naming files and email creating frustration as more people work from home? See how Datahaven 365 can help Business Central user overcome these challenges with comprehensive document management, workflow, and OCR solution that is embedded within Business Central, Teams, Outlook, CRM, and Power Apps and one-of-a-kind features like our patented virtual folders. 

Datahaven 365 offers everything your Clients need to go paperless with Business Central—from basic archiving and distribution to more advanced document management functionality such as approval workflow and OCR data extraction. Whether your clients have straightforward document management requirements or complex, industry-specific needs, the Datahaven 365 Business Central solutions empower organizations to deliver value with every interaction they have with customers, vendors, and others from the platform of their choice.  


Chat with a member of the Datahaven team to learn more about our partner program and how Datahaven 365 fits the way organizations work, not the other way around.  

See how Datahaven can: 

  • Streamline AP with automated 2-way, 3-way, and 4 matching  

  • Leverage document-centric workflows with Power Automate 

  • Provide access to file from the platform of your choice 

  • Enforce corporate policies for file naming and storage and access 

  • Enhance to ROI of implementation 

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